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Dakota LivesayMany historians agree America’s greatness is a direct result of America being a frontier country during our first 300 years.  To survive the harsh life of the frontier required people who were hard working and creative, with ingenuity and a desire to work with their neighbor.  Their priorities were faith, family and freedom.

As far back as the time of Moses and the Ten Commandments, people have lived by principles that worked as guidelines for successful lives.  And the same was true with the people who lived on the American frontier.

Although they were 300 years in the making, these principles were solidified by the American cowboy in our last frontier.  They have come to be known as “The Code of the West.”

In order to make this code relevant to our lives today, I’ve written this book using a large number of stories and examples from the past and the present in order to give us practical guidelines on how to apply these seven principles to each of our daily lives; and as a result, live a fulfilling life.

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